Yellow Labrador – All you need to know about Yellow Lab

Yellow Labrador

By the end of the 19th century, the Labrador breed was well established. But after sometime it looked, Labrador would divide into two categories within the same breed because of the origin of Yellow Lab, but fortunately, this did not happen.

Pure Labrador Retriever can be in Black, Chocolate or Yellow color, So the choice of color is personal preference. According to our survey, the most popular color in Labradors is Black.


Origin of Yellow Labrador

In 1925, development of Yellow Labrador Club create an unofficial yellow standard.

All Labrador ancestors originate in the island of Newfoundland from St. Johns Water Dogs.

Early Labs were mainly of Black color, but later other colors originate. Their earlier name was “St. John’s water dog”.

All colors have the same breed characteristics. The characteristic that separates them from other breeds of dogs is the retrieving and bringing hands objects, which can not be easily found.

In 1899, First yellow Lab was born and KC recognized the breed in 1903. Initially, Yellow Labrador shade was Golden, then later development of lighter shade cause their color to become yellow.

Different Shades of Yellow Color in Labradors

Yellow color in Labradors comes in different shades varying from creamy white to dark red. The Golden Labradors are also the variation of this color.

In some cases the variation of color is due to crossing between two different dog breeds, for example, Labradors are crossed with Golden Retrievers to produce Golden Labradors.

Characteristics of Yellow Lab

Although all colors of Labradors have the same characteristics because they have the same ancestors. But Yellow Labs have some characteristics different from other colors.

  • Their Body is muscular and strong.
  • The coat is short and dense.
  • Shorter hairs as compare to Golden Labs
  • Relatively Larger size.

These characteristics can be found in other colors.

Genetics of Yellow Labrador

Choice of color is personal preference, but yellow Labradors are rare than other colors, Why? because yellow color is the result of two recessive genes (ee).

  • EEBB, EEBb, EeBB, EeBb : Black
  • eeBB, eeBb, eebb : Yellow
  • EEbb, Eebb  : Chocolate

So, A Lab will be yellow in color if he has two recessive “e” genes which produce yellow color.

Yellow Labs have a dense coat and short hairs, so there is less hair shedding, and also their hairs make less contrast on the carpet and non-black surfaces.

Yellow Labrador Retriever

If you like a heavy muscular dog, then yellow Labradors are best because they are heavy and larger.

Yellow is one of three registered colors, others are black and chocolate. So, we don’t need to worry either he will be registered by AKC or not.

Yellow Labs Really Shed Less?

Labradors have a dense coat and shed relatively more than other dog breeds. However, yellow labs have short hairs, due to which they shed less and yellow hairs not easily show up on non-black surfaces.

To avoid shedding problem, regular grooming and health checkup is necessary.

Golden Retriever Vs Yellow Labrador

The Golden Retriever is a different breed of dogs. They are somehow similar to Yellow Labradors but they have long hairs and less muscular body.

On the other hand, Yellow Labs are among the Labrador Retriever breed and recognized by AKC.

Golden Retrievers are also known by the names of Goldador.


Yellow Labs are purebred Labrador dogs with color recognized by AKC. Based on your choice, you can choose this color. These dogs have some extra qualities. They look beautiful and people will comment positively about your dog.


  1. Thanks for your description of the yellow labs.
    Ours just turned 2 years. Why does Honey like to tear her doggy toys to smithereens? And tear paper into a million pieces all over our floor.
    We live on 36 acres and she runs every day, but she feels the need to chew and tear into many pieces l every toy we get for her,
    We love Honey. She lives to fetch and retrieve true to her breed! Very affectionate!

  2. My yellow lab just turned 6mo old and he also had a penchant for those two things, but our living situations are different, (I am in a condo & he’s my only focus right now) I believe in that I am with him constantly and even that it has taken 9-1/2 weeks to get him not to pick up everything and want to destroy it. I also do what the Monks of New Skete suggest with an Ack(like a cat coughing up a hair ball noise) to stop unwanted behavior. Hope this helps! 😃🙏🏻🐾🐾

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