Chocolate Lab – All you Need to Know about Chocolate Labrador

Chocolate Labrador

Welcome to the Chocolate Labrador World. Here you will get detailed information about the Chocolate Lab. Now there is an increasing trend of chocolate labs in the United States.

We know that there are only three registered Labrador colors, Black, Yellow and Chocolate. There are also other colors like Fox-Red, dark brown and silver. These colors are however registered under yellow and chocolate by AKC.

In earlier times, only black labs were kept and other colors were culled. Because people think the only black color is pure in labradors and others are the result of cross-breeding.

Later, Labrador lovers started to kept other colors too, and breeder started to produce them due to their high demand and then these other colors were registered.

Black is the most famous Labrador color according to our survey and now we have seen many chocolate and yellow colors too. If you want something different, then definitely go for chocolate Labrador.

Here you can find all the information from the origin of Chocolate labs to finding a chocolate labrador puppy. So, let’s move forward.

What are Chocolate Labs?

These Labrador Retrievers are in chocolate color. They are also known as “Liver color Labradors”. Their color can vary in shades, for example, dark brown labs. Chocolate labs are among the AKC registered labradors. They have all the qualities similar to other labs.

Chocolate Labrador sitting on a sofa
Chocolate Labrador sitting on a sofa

As we know that Labrador Retrievers were registered in 19s by both AKC and UK kennel club. But at that time only black Labradors were registered.

The trend of this color comes later and bred further to increase their number. Chocolate color may be pure or have some white markings.

History of Chocolate Labs

The Labrador Retrievers were first found in England in 1903 and recognized as kennel club breed. Later in 1917, these dogs were first registered by AKC under black color.

Their forefathers are st. John’s Dogs which were found in Newfoundland. Later they were imported to England in 1800s. The interesting fact is that all the Labrador Retrievers have almost died in England. But the efforts of “Earl of Malmesbury” and “twelfth Duke of Home” saved Labradors from extinction.

First Chocolate Labrador was born at Buccleuch’s kennel in 1892 according to “Richard Wolters” in his book “The Labrador Retriever”.

The chocolate and yellow colors were noted in St. John’s Dogs (The ancestors of Today’s Labrador Retrievers). But these colors are the result of recessive genes, therefore they were few in number.

Borris de Main was first yellow Labrador bitch which contain the recessive chocolate gene.

Buccleuch Avon was the first dog to have liver or chocolate color puppies. He is the ancestor of America’s today chocolate Labrador population.

In 1940, Kennoway’s Fudge was first chocolate Labrador registered by AKC.

How did the Chocolate color develop in Labradors?

Now we know that chocolate had been a color in St. John’s Dogs. Due to the recessive genes, this color appeared less in litters throughout the time.

Only black color was considered pure and allowed to breed further. All other colors were culled including chocolate. Yellow and Chocolate colors later finally accepted by Amercian and British kennel clubs due to people’s interest.

Chocolate Labrador Running in Forest

Chocolate color exists in labrador ancestors, so it is not a result of cross-breeding. But due to a recessive gene, they were low in numbers.

The black color is dominant over all other colors. The gene responsible for black color is “B” and for chocolate color is “b”. A lab will be chocolate in color if there is “bb” combination, all other combinations like “Bb” and “BB” result in black color.

Yellow female Labrador named “Borris” was the first to contain “Bb” gene combination. So her cross with a male dog of the same combination results in chocolate labrador origin.

Why Chocolate Labs were Culled?

All other colors except black were culled. The Labrador Retrievers ancestors were also black in color, so people think that the only black is a pure color of Labradors.

Now a day, Labradors come in a variety of colors. You may have seen fox-red and even silver labs. Yellow and chocolate colors are the result of recessive genes, so they were less in number.

People’s personal preference was black color. They think that black labs are best dogs with great qualities. So, breeder kept culling all other colors. Now there is an increasing trend of other colors. People want something different, chocolate and yellow labs demand increases and breeders started to breed them too.

Chocolate Labs number is increasing day by day. We hope one day their number will be equal to the black labs.

How did the Chocolate Labradors become famous?

In 1940, Kennoway’s Fudge was the first American Chocolate Labrador registered by AKC. Their demand increased after that, most people that want Chocolate Labrador were homeowners. They wanted to show something different to their neighbors.

Some people prefer to call them by their old name that is “Liver Labradors”. But that is personal preference if you own a Chocolate Labrador you can call him by any name you want.

As their number increases after 1940, people’s interest also increases. They come toward chocolate and yellow Labradors. Today we can also see Fox-Red and Silver Labradors. These are registered under the shades of yellow and chocolate.

Chocolate Labrador Characteristics

Every dog born with its own genetics like the human beings. Just like us, we are not equal in intelligence, temperament and look, dogs are also not equal.

Chocolate Labrador

Chocolate Labradors have different characteristics depends upon their parent’s genetics and gene mutation. They are divided into two categories, English Labradors and Amercian Labradors, both are different and kept for different purposes.

Chocolate Lab pups will be different if one is from English Labrador and other is from Amercian Labrador parents.

If we talk about their size, that varies a lot. Some Labradors stay smaller and some grow into heavy size. Again, that all depends on their genetics.

They can reach up to 30-35 kg in weight normally and some may be below 20 kg. Their weight varies according to their diet, exercise, and genetics.

Different Shades of Chocolate Labrador

Just like yellow, Chocolate Labs also have different shades. They can vary from medium brown to dark brown in coat color. You may also see variations during the different period their age. Puppies may be duller in color than adults. During shedding, coat shades may also differ.

Chocolate Labradors may have skin pigmentation, that is due to their genetics. Silver Labs are also the color variation of Chocolate Labradors. These all shades are registered under chocolate color by AKC.

Brown and Silver Labrador Retrievers

Are Chocolate Labs Stupid?

Every dog with a different color is an individual. Means his genetics will be different from other individuals. If we talk about Chocolate Labrador’s cleverness and stupidity, that depends on his genetics.

Chocolate Labradors are from two origins, Show lines, and Working lines. Dogs from working lines are easy to train and best for hunting purposes.

Show lines dogs are for ornamental purposes and require professional trainers to train them.

So, our conclusion is that “Chocolate Labradors are smart just like Other Labradors”. They all have the same characteristics and learning abilities. The only thing that differentiates them from is genetics.

Most of the chocolate Labs are from show lines. if your dog is from show lines, then he will be hard to train and easily distracted than from working lines Labs.

You will see many rumors on different websites and forums about their stupidity and stubbornness. You don’t need to pay attention to them. Just focus on your buying. Choose a reliable breeder, we have more details under the “buying a Chocolate Labrador puppy” section.

English Chocolate Labradors VS Amercian Chocolate Labradors

English Labradors are more heavy, short-legged and easy to train dogs. As indicated by their name, they are kept for show purposes. They may be lazy due to their heavy size. These dogs are best for the family.

In comparison, if we talk about the Amercian Labs, they are hard to train. They need professional skills to train them. These dogs have best-hunting capabilities.

Famous Chocolate Labradors

We have information related to some famous Chocolate Labradors from history:

  • Storm’s Riptide Star was born in 1991. He was the first Chocolate Lab to win American National Field Championship title in 1996.
  • A Chocolate Labrador named ZUMA is present in Candian animated series “PAW Petrol”.
  • Chocolate Labradors were also selected by the military because they have more sensing power.
  • Labradors were also popular throughout the world war II.

Chocolate Labrador Puppies

Your Chocolate Labradors story always begins with a puppy. So, before buying a puppy, make a decision for what purpose you want it. There are two lines of Labradors, Working Line Labs and Show Line Labs.

Working Line dogs are best for hunting purposes and easy to train, while Show Line dogs are hard to train and for ornamental purposes.

Three Chocolate Labrador Puppies
Chocolate Labrador Puppy Playing

Buying a Chocolate Labrador Puppy

That is the most important part because a Labrador will be with you for his life. If he has a bad temperament, that will be difficult for you to manage.

Choose a reliable breeder while buying a Chocolate Labrador. Chocolate Lab may have temperament problems or maybe not pure-bred. Select a puppy with less or no skin pigmentation.

If you want a dog for hunting and working purposes, then choose a breeder which specializes at that.

If you want a Lab for showing purposes, then you may have to face high competitions, so a dog with the pedigree of show ring dogs will be best for you.

Training of Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

Start the training of your Labrador puppy at the 6-8 weeks of his age. You should know from which lines your dog belong and train his accordingly.

Dogs from show lines need a plenty of training and exercise because they are hard to train.

Please move to our “Training” page for detailed guide and information.

Do you Own or Want a Chocolate Labrador?

If you want to buy a chocolate lab, then let us know in comments, we will help you to find a puppy. If you own a chocolate lab, then also let us know, all the information written above is true or something is missing.


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