Fox Red Labrador Retriever

The Fox Red Labrador Retriever is not a recognized color by most of Kennel Clubs. The three main recognized colors are Black, Yellow and Chocolate. Most of the breeders and clubs, consider colors other than recognized in disqualification and culled.

The red fox lab is usually considered the color variation of Yellow Labrador. The lighter shades of yellow, make golden labs and darker shades makes Fox Red color. According to AKCYellow-Yellows may range in color from fox-red to light cream.

Choice of Labrador color is personal preference. Now a day, yellow labs become much normal, so Fox Red Labradors are thought to be rare and some breeders are specifically producing that color in Labradors.

History of Fox Red Labs

All other colors than recognized were culled soon after birth including Fox Red. The other reason of culling may be that some breeders thought that creating a pure red color in labs is impossible.

The most favorite color among lab lovers is black, then become yellow and now trend changes, people want something different and they started to choose rare Labrador colors like golden, cream and fox-red.

Ben of Hyde – First Recognized Yellow Labrador

As we know, golden and fox-red color is the variation of yellow color. In fact the yellow labs were also culled earlier and black labs were only kept. Then due to the effort of some key people and clubs, KC recognize first Yellow Labrador – Ben of Hyde, in 1899.

As we can see in picture, the first recognized yellow lab was actually more of darker shade – Golden. Then origin of lighter shades – Yellow, create official yellow color standards, which we can see today.

Then, later trend changes and people started to find more rare colors like cream and fox-red. So, some breeders started to bred that colors too, Although these colors are rare, but due to their demand, their availability is necessary and prices are bit higher than normal colors.

The Present of Fox Red Labradors

Now a day, we can see the registered color is yellow, also its lighter and darker shades. In the past all other colors (than black, chocolate and yellow) including fox-red were considered in disqualification.

We can proudly say, despite of their culling and no breeder interest, the red-fox color exist today. That is due to the interest of people than develop in later 1900s. Today their price is even higher than the other colors, because these are rare and their demand is high.

Soon, after the registration, the number of yellow labs was too low, so breeders kept their attention towards the yellow lab and they started to cull the other colors. Today, yellow color is normal like black, but other shades of yellow are rare. Now breeders attention is Red-Fox color, to meet his demand, they are specifically producing more and more fox-red colors by selective breeding.

Health and Temperament of Fox Red Labs

There is not known health or temperament issue in Fox Red Labradors, because they are the result of color variation of yellow labs. But there is one or two noticed problems that these are more vocal than normal. This may be due to the presence of this problem in their ancestors and definitely off springs from these have same genes.

Most of Fox Red Labradors are also carrier of gene that causes Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). There is a genetic research for this type of condition and researchers are trying to eliminate the gene that causes PRA. In the near future there will be less/no labs with this eye problem.

White Spots in Red Fox Labradors

There are much more chances of white spots in Red Fox labs than any other color. The reason behind that is Red Fox is much darker color than yellow and white color is near to yellow in lighter yellow shades, so white color is not visible in yellow color labs, but red is much darker that white spots are easily visible in Red Fox labs.

Illustration – Labrador with white spots

In black labs, the white spots are completely eliminated due to selective breeding and larger gene pool.

Cost of Fox Red Labs

The breeders may ask you heavy cost for Fox Red Labradors than other colors. There are several reasons behind that. The breeder may have high demand of this color and production is low. He may has the pure Fox Red color without any white spots. Dogs may have the normal temperament and health.

The Red Fox Labs are rare and demand is high. The same reason was for yellow and chocolate labs in the past, because their demand was high and supply was less. Therefore people sell them at premium price.

Simply, here the supply and demand rule follows. If the supply is less and demand is high, then the prices will be high, if supply is more and demand is less, then the prices will be low.

Further Reading

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Fox Red Color has become most famous in the recent years, just like the yellow was in the past. Labrador lovers want something different and that is the best color to show others. American Kennel Club has registered three colors as you know, and yellow labs can be in cream color and/or in Fox Red color.


Fox Red is my favorite color and it may be of yours. Choice of color is personal preference and depends on trend. In the past, people love to have yellow labs and now trends changes, they want Fox Red Labs. This color looks beautiful and attractive, when it have no white spots. If you love this color or have this color lab, please let us know, comment below or contact us.


  1. Yes, I really got what I wanted to know about the Fox Red Labrador retriever. I wished I have one, So I am trying to buy a puppy. The information I got here will help me to find the best and pure Labrador. Thank you

  2. It’s interesting that Fox Reds were culled so much in the past. I’m glad that in the present they are not only kept but they are in high demand! My wife and I have been thinking about getting a dog and she thought that a Fox Red Lab would be a nice dog to have. I’ll have to tell her what I learned today.

  3. We have one that is still light in color with white spots. She’s only 14 weeks. I’m curious if she will darken. I do like the color she is now. She’s very cuddly, but does play hard and a bit rough. We have become wrapped around her paw?

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