American Labradors are so Famous – But Why?

You already know that Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dogs in the world. Labradors are further divided into two universally recognized types; American and English. Here we are going to discuss the American Labrador Retrievers because they are so famous in the United States.

American Labs are also known as Working or Field type Labradors and they are totally different from the English or show type Labs. In 1911, the first Labrador was imported in the United States from England.

Origin of American Labrador

American Labradors were originated from America and they were reared for hunting and working purposes. They are most common in North America.

Their original name was Working or Field type Labradors, then later people mistakenly labeled them as American Labrador.

American Labs are best to compete for in field trails and are more energetic. They are best for professional owners because they need skills and time for training.

Characteristics of American or Working Labrador

These Labradors are most common in North America and they are also known as Working or field Labradors. Their characteristics are:

  • American Labs are leaner and long-legged. Longer legs help them in running and swimming.
  • They have a slim body which is meant for more work.
  • Labrador Retrievers have a double hair coat but their coat is relatively thinner.
  • Their tail is otter-like and slim which helps them to swim in water.
  • They have a slim body, so their face is also slim and bones have a fine structure, which shows they are built to work.

They are the best working dogs and professionals love to have such dogs. After reading their characteristics, you can predict that their body is built to work and swim.

American Labradors are Official?

American Labradors are not official because they are under the category of globally recognized Labrador Retrievers.

The AKC has registered Labradors under three colors, BlackYellow and Chocolate, and the breed may have other variations like body conformation and different shades of colors.

Why American Labradors are Famous?

American Labradors are famous due to the dog-loving nation of America and the major key factor of their popularity is their origin which is North America. They also have characteristics which distinguish them from other dogs.

American Labradors (Left) English Labradors (Right)

American Labradors are great working dogs. They have a slim body which helps them in running and swimming. They are bred to compete for in field trails. American Labs are also energetic and never sit quietly.

American Labs are light dogs means they have a less muscular body as compared to English Labs, so they don’t get tired easily. They are late learners but that doesn’t mean they can’t be trained. They can be trained to do all the things an English Lab can do.

Getting an American Labrador

If you want to buy a Labrador, always choose a licensed and reliable breeder. If you want to buy an American Labrador, first know about the characteristics of him which are described above.

You can buy a puppy from a breeder or adopt a dog from an animal shelter or rescue center. Puppies are easy to predict and can be trained according to owner requirements than a mature dog.

Before you buy a puppy, get his pedigree record from the breeder and also notice his mother if available. You can easily understand the behavior of a Labrador puppy by observing his parents.


Labrador Retriever is the best dog breed of the USA and at the top place from the last 26 years. There is no difference in characteristics among the colors of Labradors, but the thing that makes difference is their category. Labradors are divided into two categories or subtypes; English Labradors and American Labradors.

American Labradors are most abundant in North America. They are best as working dogs. These dogs have a slimmer body and otter-like tail which makes them more active and energetic. They are hard to train therefore they are only preferred by professionals. These dogs are bred to compete for in-field trails.

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  1. HI there i think i have one of these subtypes the american lab and i am from Australia and i got a 5 mounth old pup from a back yard person and didn’t know there were any differents. now i am stuck on what to do. any advice please.

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