Do Dog have Feelings? – Understanding Dog Emotions

When you come home, your dog runs toward you and jump at you. That is actually a feeling. Not everyone can understand the dog’s feeling.

It is believed that dogs have feelings much like human beings, they can even understand human language. Dogs are actually very good at understanding us. They feel enjoy when we are happy, they feel sad when a family member is away. Their ways to express feeling are much different than human beings. They can’t smile or cry like us but when happy, they jump and bark and when sad, they sit and drop their ears.

People who are living with dogs for a long time can understand dog feelings much better than those who never had a dog. We all know that a dog can’t say “I am sad” or “I am happy”. They express it and only an expert, who has a background with dogs can understand well. When a human baby cry, only his mother can tell, why he is crying, the same matter is with pets, only their owner can understand, what is wrong with him.

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The more you live with your dog, the more you play with him, the more strong connection you will have with him. They need your time and attention. Keep them healthy by taking essential steps like proper diet and health plan.

Affection + Time = Strong Connection = Strong Feelings

A dog is a man’s good friend. He asks too little and gives too much. He just needs your attention and love and gives you security, affection, enjoyment and much more.

Dog’s love towards Owner

We have to admit that dogs have feelings of happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety etc. They have feelings like a child of 2 years old. We can see them happy when they do something well and we award them. We can see them sad when they are sick or injured.

The hormone involved in the feeling and emotions is “oxytocin” in humans. Dogs even have that hormone. Dogs possess all the same brain functions that involve producing emotions in humans.

To understand dog feelings, we first have to understand human feelings. As we see, different human have different emotions. Some feel more fear, some more anger, and some more sadness. The same different emotion levels exist in different dogs, vary from breed to breed. Age also matters in expressing emotions. Puppies are unable to express emotions that a mature dog can.

A Friendly Relation between Owner and Dog

Dogs are now being used to help distress people. There builds a strong relationship between human and dog. In America “Therapy Dog Program” have worked to improve the life of thousand people. Dogs kept human busy and affection towards them is the main reason for their healing.


Finally, we have to admit that dogs have feelings and emotions and they also can understand human feelings. There should be a mutual relation between these two, which is beneficial for both. A man should understand when his dog needs the food, exercise, and play, and in the result, you will see your dog will also have a strong relationship with you. He will care and secure you more.

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