6 Ways to make your Labrador Happy

Dogs are sensitive animals, they need to live happily. There are a lot of ways to make a dog happy. As a dog owner, you should know how you can do that.

If we talk about Labradors, they are very active dogs. so training, exercise and playing with them, can make them feel energetic.


Here are 6 ways to make your Labrador Retriever happy.

1. Feed your Labrador Healthy

Feeding too much can cause obesity, and Labradors are very prone to obesity. Contact a veterinarian if you can’t find a healthy diet plan for your dog. Labs like healthy fruits and vegetables, but these should not be fed regularly. Apples are the great source of fiber but its core contains cyanide. Sweet potatoes, bananas, carrot, and watermelons are also good.

Feed your Lab according to his age and size, give them the diet which has more energy. Puppies should be fed on ready-made food which is available in the market.

Prefer dry food with water, because it is easy to digest and give them a natural protein source like chicken meat.

Dogs are perfect in their normal shape, obesity can cause joints problem and make them less active.

2. Labradors Love Exercise

Labradors are very active and energetic. They love a lot of exercises. Provide them minimum 30-40 minutes walking and running. Running will not only keep them healthy but also make them happy.

If you are going out on your bike, take him with you. Maintain a distance between bike and dog and provide him brakes if he needs.

Exercise makes Labs active and also helps to avoid muscle and joint problems. You can also take out him for swimming and training for extra enjoyment.

3. Train your Labrador in his early age

Training is a most important step in the life of every dog. Start your Labrador Retriever training when he is 8 weeks old and it can be delayed to 6 months. Best age for obedience training is 6 months.

Labradors have a bad habit of jumping, so train him to “sit” and “stay” as early as possible between the age of 8 weeks to 6 months.

If you did not know how to train a dog, get help from a certified dog trainer. If a dog is trained properly at his early age, it will be beneficial for you.

4. Check your Labrador for any Problem

It is import to check your Lab regularly for physical or health problems like illness, leg injury, joint problem or hip dysplasia. Labradors are heavy dogs and they are very prone to joint and hip problems.

If there is a hip or joint problem, there will be the pain when we touch these parts and dog also feel pain during sitting, walking and running.

Check your dog paw after vigorous exercise, because the hot and hard path can damage the paw, also check for any other leg injury.

5. Play With your Labrador

Playing is enjoyable for both human and dog. Give your lab proper time and play with him. It is the most important way to show your affection.

Throw a ball and he will pick that up and return it to you, doing such activities will keep your dog active and prevent his muscles from disease. Praise your dog for anything he does well. Your such small reactions make him happy.

6. Provide Toys to your Labrador

Your dog should stay busy and providing toys to him is the easiest way to do that. Labs love to chew, provide them plenty of toys to chew.

If you don’t give them toys, they will bite and chew other house items like furniture etc. To avoid any loss, keep them busy with such toys. These are also important to save your time.


Labrador Retriever is a beautiful dog. He needs care and time. Labrador must always stay happy and to do that you need to play with him, provide him toys, exercise and train him. Take every step you can, to make him active and happy.


  1. I have a Labrador Retriver and he is 4 months but he has a doggy smell very strong how can I get rid of the smell

    1. First, point out why he smells a lot. There are many reasons for it.
      Groom your dog regularly. Bath at regular interval is essential to keep a dog smell-free. The ASPCA recommends to bath a dog within 3 months period. Daily bathing can cause the dryness of skin and give rise to other skin problems.
      Gently clean the ears of your dog with a swab. Cleaning can be done after one month when you bath your dog. If your dog has long and floppy ears then clean your dog’s ear after 10-15 days. Try to remove the hairs from the ears also, in long hairs dust can easily stick and cause infection.
      Change the diet of your dog, some diets cause the dryness of skin, which in result may cause the excessive release of oils and also the dry skin is more prone to infections.
      Examine the mouth of your dog, if he has a bad tooth, then it is better to be checked by the vet. Brush your dog regularly and also provide him chew toys.
      A smell from dog can’t be removed completely but it can be controlled by using dog shampoo. Use shampoo during bathing, and also try to use light perfumes and powders.

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