Are Labradors Helpful? – 10 Reasons why Labradors are Amazing

Labrador Retrievers are such amazing dogs, that their popularity is at the top from the last 26 years in the USA. They are playful, friendly and good-natured. The ability that separates them from other dogs is their intelligence.

Labradors are known as America’s dog because of the love they get from this state. Now they are famous all over the world. American Kennel Club officially release the list of famous dogs every year. In their list, Labradors are in the first place.

The Labrador Retriever did not come from Labrador but from Newfoundland. Their ancestors were St. John’s Water Dogs which were used by fishermen. This awesome breed was also initially used for hunting, and gradually Dog owners found amazing qualities in them.

The questions arise in our mind that why they are so popular? what qualities or characteristics they have? and how they are different from other dogs? Keep reading, you will get all the answers here.

Here are the top ten reasons why they are so amazing and famous:

1. Good Family Dogs

Labradors are true family dogs. Their nature is friendly and they like to have some fun. They love to play with kids and other family members. If you have other pets in your home, they will easily accept them. Labradors can be trained to do almost anything that you can expect from a pet.

2. Easy to Train

Labradors are fast learners and can be trained easily. Start your Labrador puppy training when he is 6-8 weeks old. Labradors are ready to train and learn whenever you want. They can be trained to obey commands like sit, stay and down, to retrieve objects, to play games like hide and seek and more much.

3. Excellent Sniffers

Labradors are excellent sniffers. They have an extraordinary power to sense a smell and remember it. Due to their this power, they are used by police to find criminals and thieves. At the airport, they are used to sniff luggage to find illegal items like drugs. With the help of this sniffing power,  they can identify their owner and other persons from a long distance.

4. Intelligent

Labradors are extremely intelligent, not like human beings but more than other dogs. They can remember a particular smell for years and also they can identify their owner and other persons from a long distance with the help of their sniffing power.

5. Friendly

Labradors are most friendly dogs. They love to play with kids and other animals. Good temperament and friendliness are in their genetics. Labradors belong to the sporting group means they love to walk and run more. The best friend and leader of a dog is his owner, so try to be a good owner.

6. Helpful

Labradors are helpful in many ways. They are being used for different purposes. They are used as guide dogs to guide the blind and deaf individuals, in police to find the culprits, in therapy to cure the emotionally disturbed persons, on airports to identify the drugs and other illegal things. In the past, their ancestors were used by fishermen and hunters to retriever fishes and hunted birds.

7. Water Resistant

Labrador is Swimming – They know how to swim

The coat is a distinctive feature of Labradors. They have dual hair coat which is water and weather resistant. They like to swim. In the past, Labradors were preferred over other dogs, because they have dual hair coat which enables them to face extreme cold. When they come out of the water after hunting, ice doesn’t stick in their hairs. They are sometimes called water dogs because their body is built to swim in water, they have the special shape of paws and tail which helps them in swimming, they are actually good swimmers.

8. Retrievers

Labradors are called “Retrievers” because they have a quality to find and bring hand-thrown things and hunted birds. St. John’s Dogs were ancestors of Labradors, and they were reared by fishermen to catch fishes and pull net. If you properly train your dog, you can also teach him to retrieve different objects.

9. Active and Energetic

Labradors are highly active and energetic dogs. They are among one of the heavy breeds of dogs, due to their heavy size they need more energy to stay active. They also need a lot of exercise of almost 1-1.5 hours. Labrador Retrievers like to play and swim also.

10. Easy to Groom

For grooming, they just need brushing and bathing. Labradors have dual hair coat, one is short and other is long. They shed a lot and you can see his hairs all around your home. You can also use shampoo during bathing to avoid the smell. They don’t need haircuts, hairballs or anything else. If your Lab plays a lot outside on the dusty ground, then all you need is to bath him, and he will be ready to go.


If you want to learn something positive about Labradors, then these ten headings will increase your knowledge. Labrador Retriever is the best and unique dog breed we have today. They are at the top list in the USA from last 26 years.

Labradors Retrievers have amazing qualities, they are Good Family Dogs, Easy to Train, Excellent Sniffers, Intelligent, Friendly, Helpful, Water-Resistant, Retrievers, Energetic and Easy to Groom. Their these characteristics make them superior over other dogs.

They are different from other dogs in many ways. Labradors have a long history which begins in the 1700s. They were famous at that time also but known by the name of St. John’s Dog due to their geological location.

One interesting fact is that they are not from Labrador, they are actually from Newfoundland, later imported to England and then to the USA, where they get their much-deserved popularity.

They have many characteristics, but we have discussed here the top qualities found in them. Try to find something new in your Labrador and let us know below in the comments.

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