Are Labrador Good Family Dogs?

Are Labrador good family dogs? the first question comes to mind when a person wants to have a dog, but also have a family. If you want to know all about the Labrador Retriever dog, keep reading, you will get all the information you want.

No animal can be trusted in this world, but when talking about the dog, especially about Labrador Retriever dog, we can train them as we want. Labrador Retrievers obviously are friendly and good-natured, but due to lack of exercise and too much confinement, they become boisterous.

If you want a family dog, you should have to know the following things:

Are you ready for your first Labrador?

Labrador is not a good dog for all families. You or your family should have spare time to spend with your dog. Labrador needs time for training, exercise, play etc. They need at least 30-40 minutes daily for exercise. One person should be available at home. They can’t live alone at home. If you don’t have much time or you can’t stay at home, then Labrador is not a good dog for you.

LABRADOR – Positive Points: (When thinking within a family)

  • Friendly Behaviour
  • Calm with other animals
  • Large and bouncy
  • Eager to play and exercise
  • Gentle and good with kids
  • Fewer health issues
  • Easy to Groom
  • Easy to Train

LABRADOR – Negative Points: 

  • Need more time for exercise (30-40 minutes daily)
  • Heavy shedding (Hair falling)
  • Chew objects
  • Can’t live alone at home
  • Jumping (kids and older can’t handle due to their heavy body)

Temperament and Habits can be changed:

If you think that is not a good dog for you or your family, wait, some habits and temperament problems can be changed.

  • If you want to have an adult dog, then you can know about his temperament and habits easily from his caretakers. Adult dogs who are trained and cared properly, surely will not have the bad habits.
  • If you want to have a puppy, then you can avoid problems by choosing a right puppy and right breeder, but still, they can have one problem, we can’t predict their temperament and habits until they are fully grown.
  • You can avoid negative traits through proper training and techniques. A healthy dog is more friendly than a sick one.
Family-Washing Furry Labrador Retriever Together

Other Questions rise in mind:

Many other questions arise in mind like how much training they need? how much attention do they need? etc. so, why not we answer that too

Question: How much training Labrador Need?

Answer: You should give them enough time for training. They should be trained not to bite fingers, jump on other, snatch food and barge. It is important to train at his young age, give him time almost twice a day for training sessions.

Question: How much exercise Labrador Need?

Answer: Labrador needs almost 30-40 minutes daily for light exercise, and 2-3 hours for heavy exercise twice a week.

Question: Can Labrador live alone at home?

Answer: No! they don’t have the nature of living alone.

Question: What Labrador have the smell?

Answer: Yes! They have the natural strong smell of dogs, this problem somehow can be solved by using shampoo.

Question: Do Labradors Shed?

Answer: Yes! They shed a lot. Labrador has a very dense undercoat. They shed mostly in spring and autumn (twice a year).

Question: How much Labrador Cost a year?

Answer: It all depends on you. You have to spend on his feed, accessories, medicine etc. Veterinary doctor cost will also be included. that varies from area to area.


Finally! We have to admit that Labradors are good for family, They are good in nature, calm, can be trained easily, can play with you, are friendly with kids and happily accepts other persons. If you want him for family, then you should give him a proper time for training, exercise, and play. Provide toys to him for biting and to keep him busy. Once you get familiar with your dog, you will never want to lose him.

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